I believe that training is more of a mental battle. Anyone can attend the gym and gain basic strength and stamina, but a strong mind can take years to develop. The ability to stay positive and motivated is a difficult concept. Being able to 

understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and having the strength to do it, is a task easier said than done. The mind is a very powerful tool - learn to control and guide it. Your greatest resource in the gym is knowledge.


Faster way to tone up and drop body fat

Super setting (two exercises back to back with no rest between them followed by a rest and then repeat) a heavy weighted exercise with a plyometric or dynamic movement throughout a routine will burn more calories and achieve results faster than hours of cardio. For example: start with a standard weighted squat completing 8-12 reps then complete 30 seconds of body weight jumping squats or lunges. 

This variety of a movement recruits all muscle fibres during a set and stimulates stronger, leaner muscle tissue to grow, and its a lot more fun! Also, having more muscle means you burn more calories throughout the day - A pound of muscle tissue burns about fourteen calories a day, where as a pound of fat burns only two to three calories a day.


The two biggest factors that limit training for most men in the gym;


The two biggest factors that limit training for most women in the gym;

Weight lifting and body building - the difference

'A body builder is primarily concerned with contracting his muscles, he contracts his muscles against greater and greater amounts of resistance, by doing that, he is able to stimulate hypertrophy and make his muscles grow. A weightlifter is just concerned with moving weight' – Kai Greene.

In other words, a weight lifter wants to move the maximum amount of weight they can, where as, a bodybuilder wants to achieve muscle contractions for their muscles to develop shape and grow in size.

Best way to build strength and size

Correct form during an exercise is the key to progression in your training. For a muscle to grow, you need a stretch and a contraction. This combination is what stimulates muscle growth. There are two forms of movement for muscle contractions; isolation and compound. Isolation are smaller movements that create more muscle shape and definition where only one joint is moving, for example: a bicep curl is primarily working the biceps as your elbow is the only joint moving. 

Compound exercises are your size and strength builders. These are big movements where two joints are involved, for example: a lat pull down is primarily working your latissimus dorsi, but will also involve your biceps, as your shoulder and elbow joints are being used. My top 6 compound exercises are:







Bench press


Pull up

Seated row